The aim of this colourful website is purely and simply to bring pleasure to all who enjoy looking at pictures of flowers and perhaps also photographing them. The flowers aren’t arranged in any groups or species.

Antarctic Diet

But first a very brief history of the Earth: one theory is that the Earth was formed over 4.5 billion years ago, at a time when great volumes of gas and dust accumulated in space, around where we are in the universe today. Almost all of this formed the sun. The particles of material left over became joined by electrostatic forces. These tiny particles collided and grew, eventually forming the Earth and other planets. It took around two hundred million years to form the Earth, although it was then still molten. Around 4.5 billion years ago, a huge object slammed into the Earth blowing out sufficient material to create the Moon, which accompanies us today. The Earth continued to be bombarded by meteorites, comets and suchlike for a further five hundred million years. A very hostile environment, but somehow life began to evolve. Some four billion years later, people on Earth began to discuss the theory of the “Big Bang” a term coined by cosmologist Fred Hoyle, a controversial Yorkshireman who died in 2001.

Plants and flowers, which are said to have evolved from aquatic green algal predecessors, first appeared on land more than 450 million years ago around the Ordovician Period. This preceded the settlement of four-footed animals on earth, which began much later in the Devonian Period (409 to 363 million years ago) at a time when fish became abundant and the first amphibians evolved. Early plant life, which later developed into the flowers that we know today, was essential to the development of favourable earth-bound environments and provided food for animals. The earliest plants were ancestral forms of all food, fibre and medicinal plants upon which we humans depend today.

We wish you much pleasure in leafing through this website of flowers and don’t miss the interesting little anecdotes on each page.
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