Birth flowers

It is well known that precious gems represent each month of the year: a symbol for the month in which a person was born, called a birthstone and a good-luck charm for the wearer. Similarly, each month is also represented by a particular flower. It is believed that the celebration of birthdays originated in Roman times and that possibly the advent of birth flowers also dates back to this period. However, it was probably the Victorians, their reserved rules of etiquette leading them to express themselves through the language of flowers, who made the clear association between birth months and specific flowers. Flowers are an ideal gift to give a mother to celebrate the birth of her baby. Even more so if the flowers are chosen for the birth month. The flowers can be dried and preserved or pressed to keep with other tokens of the new baby. And while flowers are always a welcome gift, a bouquet becomes extra special if it features the fitting birth flower.

Birth month flowers:

January: carnation or snowdrop
February: violet or primrose
March: daffodil or narcissus
April: daisy or sweet pea
May: lily of the valley
June: rose
July: water lily or larkspur
August: gladioli or poppy
September: aster or morning glory
October: marigold
November: chrysanthemum
December: narcissus or holly

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